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My Signature A-B-C Approach That Has Helped Multiple Women gain Confidence, Walk in Clarity and Become Their Most Authentic Selves

How exactly have these women transformed from Confusion to Clarity, Fear to Confidence, Walking in their zone of Genius and ultimately Blooming?

What’s their Secret?

In a moment, I’ll show you the huge transformation women just like you have been going through that has indeed made them better versions of themselves.

And how you can have the same results in your life and career too.

But before I go on, allow me to introduce myself:


I am Kemi Fred-Adetiba fondly called Ladykemz.

A Wife, Mum, Lover of Jesus, Pastor, Personal Identity Coach, Counselor and Entrepreneur.

I help women gain Confidence, Walk in Clarity and Become Their Most Authentic Selves.

Before I became confident in helping other women discover their identity,

✨ walk in it and

✨ be their most authentic selves…

I struggled with it myself.

  • I would always apologise for my strengths.
  • Deny my emotions and bottle-up negative feelings.
  • Felt more at home playing small because I wanted to fit in.

So, how did I suddenly go from this person to be this brand new person who is…

  • able to recognize, understand and walk in my true identity
  • able to walk in my most authentic self so I show up as the best version of myself
  • able to control my emotions and not be controlled by it

It was like magic to me because right now…

Kemi Fred-Adetiba (LadyKemz)

I Have Clarity And Confidence About Who I Am, What I Can Do And Why I Am Doing It

Such that limiting beliefs,  emotions or fear don’t control my actions and decisions.

What secret have I found out that has got people coming to me time and again to:



Become their authentic selves


Break Free

Break old habits and form new ones


Take Control

Take control of their emotions and use them to their advantage.


Show Up

Show up as their best selves.


And Much More


And this strategy is exactly what I deploy for all of my clients and students to get such life-changing results.

It’s a 3-week private group coaching program.

where you’ll have access to all the resources, strategies and tools that have helped me and my clients understand ourselves and show up as our most authentic selves.

I’ll hold nothing back and ensure you’re satisfied with the change you want to see so long as you’re ready to put in the work.

And No, its not a one-size-fits-all approach, it’s tailored to meet you at any point of your current need.

Oh and look…

I know this might sound too good to be true or you could even be thinking (like many other women I’ve worked with)

  • “I’m not sure it’ll work for me
  • “I’ve tried therapy, prayers, bought courses etc and I haven’t seen any results
  • “This is who I am, I don’t think I can change any of these things
  • “I’m not ready”
  • “I don’t have the money”
  • And so on

But the first step to this process is to breakout of limiting excuses and see yourself as worth the time, investment and pursuit. And No, I’m not oblivious to the fact that these changes may seem daring and may take you out of your comfort zone.

However, the transformation that happens is a REWARD in itself and thats exactly where you need to be…outside your comfort zone. Plus you have never experienced anything like this before.

So here’s the deal…

I desire to awaken your inner GOLD!

…This is for

  • women who have so much to offer but play small to fit in,
  • women who are scared to walk in their authenticity because they think they are doing too much,
  • women held back by limiting beliefs because of past experiences.

But are ready to:

  • Walk in clarity of vision and purpose.
  • Ready to make powerful decisions and walk confidently in their authenticity
  • Create an extraordinary life that serves themselves and others.

I want to help you believe bigger because when you believe bigger, you give others around you the permission to do same! And sometimes, YOU might just be the STARTER in the chain of reaction….!

When you play small, you are not only doing yourself a disservice — You are doing everyone and God a disservice.

So that’s why I do what I do. I awaken women into true identity because it is a CALLING!

Now, I’m in a place where if I perceive women

❗️settling for relationships that don’t bring joy, or jobs or resources that don’t bring fulfillment.

❗️not being happy for other peoples successes and

❗️not doing what God will have you do or the things you want to do and achieve or

❗️trying to over bloat your value so that you can be accepted

All this shows you are playing small and you still haven’t found out who you truly are

…because if you know who you are in God, you won’t need to do anything extra. You’ll simply begin to walk in the blueprint that has been laid down for you.

Imagine Your Husband or The Most Important Person To You Say “I Love The Woman You’re Becoming”

This thing works like clockwork.

Imagine the people around you tell you “something has changed about you, but I love it!”.

It’s beyond noticeable and it affects every area of your life.

  • Relationships — romantic and non-romantic
  • Career
  • Fulfilment
  • Walking in your purpose
  • Functioning in all the roles you have to carry out
  • Your decisions
  • And so on

And for those who know me already.

you know how much I don’t hold back information, I live and love to see other women thrive and live their lives to the fullest!

It’s my passion and I can’t and won’t stop, not now, not ever.

Here’s a Teaser of The 3-Part Curriculum



In this session, you will learn:

  • To answer the question of “Who am I”?
  • To understand the principle of specificity
  • The Power of the subconscious mind
  • The dimensions of self mastery (awareness, knowledge, expression and determination)



In this session, you will learn:

  • The tools that help you heal from emotional trauma and past wounds
  • How to Identify and Release Toxic Emotions that hinders your advancement
  • How to Break Patterns and Habits that No Longer Serve You
  • How to Create Healthy Boundaries that helps you maintain Peace and Joy



In this session, you will learn to:

  • Understand the Power of a Strong Belief System in becoming your most authentic self
  • Identify and Eradicate limiting beliefs that hold you back from thriving
  • Recreate New beliefs that serve you and the others around you
  • Make Powerful New Choices that push you in the direction of purpose

Here’s what you get when you sign up:


Weekly Live Video Sessions


Life Changing Worksheets that produces lasting results


Access to My Private YouPowered Inner Circle Group


Recommended learning Resources that set you up for success


Access to a Private 1:1 Session at a Discounted Rate

And a very special gift to you

It’s something that has helped a lot of women since I released the book in 2019.

The reviews have been mind blowing but I’m offering to give you a sneak-peek into the book

A chapter of one of my best materials, a book I published

WOMAN, you are FIRE!

Woman, You Are Fire


I am pinching for it!

So, if you’re ready to push past limiting beliefs and be the best version of yourself (walk in your identity, gain clarity and confidence) then my private coaching programme is right for you.

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